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Why would anyone want to kill some old men? Six have been murdered already when Police Captain Panos Akritas is put on the case. At first it seems the straightforward business of theft. The old men were rich and defenceless. Easy pickings, it seems. But there are small anomalies that baffle Akritas and as he investigates they begin to multiply. The case grows more complicated and disturbing. He becomes a target of the killers and from that point on the case threatens to spin out of control. The investigation takes him into an dark underworld of vengeance, greed, and violence. As the bodies pile up, Akritas realizes that the case has its roots in the darkest episodes of modern Greek history, going back over sixty years to civil war and dictatorship. Against a background of economic and political crisis, the sunny, friendly Greece that tourists love to visit has another side, sinister and deadly. The story takes the reader on a thrilling ride through a modern Athens that tourists never see. With a compelling plot, a careful eye for detail, and unforgettable characters Death in Athens adds a new voice to the Mediterranean noir of that Andrea Camilleri, Manuel Montalban, Michael Dibden, Donna Leon, and Maurizio De Giovanni have made popular.

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A dead body in the stacks of the National Library of Greece, a beautiful librarian, an Albanian assassin, and an ancient letter lost for two thousand years, all threaten the stability of Christendom. More murders follow. Captain Panos Akritas finds himself pulled into a case that could shake the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Protestant churches to the core. The hunt for the lost letter exposes Akritas and his partner to dangers they’ve never faced before. At one point Akritas is hunted by killers with machine guns among the ruins of an ancient temple complex in the mountains north of Athens. The investigation is hindered by the machinations of church officials, politicians, and even his superiors in the Hellenic Police who do not want the lost letter to be made public. Danger lurks everywhere as Akritas doggedly pursues the truth.
A compelling narrative, sharply drawn characters, and a careful evocation of the Greek background make Pillar of Faith a novel that will remain in your memory well after you’ve finished reading it.

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