Bobby Orr, Trump’s fool

Bobby Orr, you chump.

To do what you have done, you would have to be dumber than a bucket of frozen pucks. You have embarrassed a nation, made a complete fool of yourself and tarnished your reputation forevermore.

And for what?

To support a grifter and fraud who makes your former agent, Alan Eagleson, look like an all-round stand-up guy.

How dumb could you be? That racist piece of seagull poop Donald Trump can’t win this election, not by legitimate means – but you, Bobby Orr, you could sure as hell lose it.

Like that old white fool Jack Nicklaus, you already have.

You didn’t have to do this. All you had to do was keep your mouth shut. If you wanted to sit there election night and get drunk and cheer for the worst human being who has ever occupied the White House to win the election, fine. That’s your problem.

But you just had to take money from a Super Pac to put an ad in a New Hampshire paper backing a creep who has torn the United States of America to shreds. A man who has put children in cages, raped the environment, treated women like toilet paper, ridiculed the disabled, called people who died in America’s wars losers and backed Vladimir Putin even as Putin was putting bounties on the lives of American soldiers.

Want more? Your hero keeps claiming that he’s done a great job fighting the pandemic despite the deaths of 230,000 Americans. Can you count, Bobby? Canada, with one-eighth of the population of the U.S., has had 10,000 deaths. That works out to a twenty-third. The difference is leadership, Bobby.

Justin Trudeau led Canada. Your hero failed the U.S. At least 150,000 Americans would be alive today if Donald Trump was not their president. 

Now you have failed both countries.

Sorry, Bobby, but this was not about picking Dwight Eisenhower over Adlai Stevenson, or Joe Clark over Pierre Trudeau. This was like backing Benito Mussolini against Winston Churchill.

You can overcome knee injuries and Stanley Cup losses, Bobby. You can make people forget the games when you just didn’t have it.

Athletes are forgiven for using steroids, driving drunk, a multitude of sins.

Not this one. There’s no forgiveness for backing a racist.

The great Red Fisher always said you were the greatest in the game, Bobby. But even Red is spinning in his grave now. You betrayed him, as you have betrayed us all.

The next time I’m filling out my card for the greatest all-star team in NHL history, Nick Lidstrom will join Larry Robinson on the blue line.

Greatest player all time? Gordie Howe. Followed by Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky, at least until one of them turns out to be as stupid as you were. And when it comes to class, Bobby, you couldn’t carry Jean Béliveau’s jockstrap.

I’m sorry, but for an athlete to be great in my book, he’s got to be a decent human being. You just blew that one sky high. Now you’ve joined your good friend Don Cherry on the list of lifetime zeros.

Bobby Orr. Who was that? Wasn’t that the clown who got ripped off by Alan Eagleson and then turned around and took out a newspaper ad backing Trump? Yeah, that was him.

He could play a bit – but when it mattered most, he turned out to be a complete jackass.